White Cloud Insurance was conceived as a business format franchise. We, the franchisor, provide our franchisee(s) with an established business, including name and trademark, for the franchisee to run independently. We offer the authorization granted by a company to sell or distribute its goods or services as per the “manual” .

The Franchises We Offer:

We offer a franchise program under the name “White Cloud Insurance” offering various insurance products to clients from a variety of insurance carriers (the “Franchised Business” or “Agency”). The Franchised Business operates using certain business processes trade secrets, client lists, knowledge, know-how, trade names, service marks, trademarks, logos, emblems, trade dress and other intellectual property, distinctive signage, standards and specifications for services, products, supplies, appearance, operations and management control, safety standards training and assistance purchasing programs and advertising, marketing, promotional and sales programs, which may be developed or changed, discontinued, improved, modified and further developed by us from time to time (the “System”) and which is more particularly described in our Franchise Agreement and our manuals. The types of insurance offered by the Franchised Businesses include property and casualty insurance (for example, homeowners, automobile boat, recreational vehicle and umbrella policies) for individuals and, in some instances, small businesses. We also offer health and life insurance in some instances. All insurance offered by the Franchised Business must be through “the carriers” that we have appointments with. Franchisees may offer insurance services/products through excess and surplus lines markets, as long as they are in compliance with their state statutes and laws related thereto at all times, and upon request and approval by us.

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