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Garage Security System Tips

By August 25, 2021September 29th, 2021Home
If you store a treasure trove of valuables in your garage, you should know the following garage security system tips. Items like cars, mowers, bikes, and machinery are some of the things people store in their garage. Having a successful security system in place is key to protect those types of items.

It is essential to know how to secure your garage for at least two reasons: First, it prevents strangers from walking into your garage. Second, if you have an attached garage, your home is only one door away from exposure to the outside world.

To keep your garage and home as safe as possible, here are some tips and suggestions on garage security to help you protect your family and possessions.


Close your garage door

Yes, this sounds like an obvious suggestion, but many homeowners leave the overhead door open when they leave and sometimes even at night. Adding technology to your garage is one way to help you make sure your garage door is closed when you are not home. There are a number of systems that let you remotely monitor and operate your garage door using your phone and an app.


Block the windows

Windows provide natural light for a dark garage, but they also make it easy for passersby to see if you have any extraordinary or luxurious possessions. An inexpensive but highly useful solution is to add curtains to the windows or apply an adhesive film such as DC Fix Self-Adhesive Window Film. It allows light into the garage but prevents prying eyes.


Smart locks

Treat the door leading from the garage to the house and any side doors leading to the garage like they were the main entrance. Smart door locks are one of several garage door lock ideas. They connect to your home and other smart devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. And these locks keep your garage and home secure while allowing you back in if you are accidentally locked out.


Take your remote with you

You would never leave your house keys in your car, so do not leave your remote (the key to your garage) on your car’s visor. Instead, get a garage door opener that attaches to your keychain. All you have to do is make sure the keychain remote matches the type of garage door you have and that it uses rolling code technology.


Add an inside lock

An excellent example of how to secure a garage door from the inside is to install an inside deadlock. While this might not be convenient on an average day when you are always coming and going, it is perfect for when you leave for vacation or to feel secure at night.



Make sure your garage is well-lit on the outside. Motion-activated lights are an excellent way to do that. This will scare away any unwanted visitors from trying to break in. And since you do not have to leave the lights on all night, you save money and energy.


Include your garage in your home security system

When homeowners have a home security system installed, many of them do not include their garage. If you already have a system or are thinking of purchasing one, consider expanding it to include the garage and add that extra protection for those important items you store there.


Shield your emergency release

By now, you have probably seen the video demonstrating how to open an automatic garage door using a coat hanger. To counteract this trick, you can purchase a garage shield to attach to the emergency release bar. It will shield the release from the hanger.


Are garage keypads safe?

Some garage doors open by either a remote or an exterior keypad. Most security experts agree that these keypads are probably safer than the remote as long as the code remains secret. Of course, someone could observe you entering the code, and it is a good idea to keep changing it to make it less likely that it will fall into the wrong hands.


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