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Garage Upgrades and Their Impact on Your Home Value

By September 1, 2021September 29th, 2021Home
If you decide to sell your home, the garage will have a significant impact on its sale price and value. A majority of homebuyers will not look at a house without a garage. Even if it has a garage, your chances of selling the home at top dollar go down if it is poorly maintained or lacks  the latest features.This is why you should consider doing a garage update to improve it and leverage it for a positive impact on your home’s value.

Before putting your home in the market, think about these upgrades that will make your garage more appealing to potential buyers. The following improvements will add both value and curb appeal to your garage, making it more attractive to homebuyers.


Install a stylish and functional garage door

A heavy wooden door that must be opened manually will not impress homebuyers. Instead, install an attractive and maintenance-free metal door that opens automatically. You can choose from various colors that will complement the rest of the house.

Smart doors are also gaining popularity. You can link them to your home’s wireless network and receive notifications whenever the door is left open. Then, you can close and lock it remotely. You can share access with anyone you choose, and they can enter the house without a remote.


Have a storage strategy

People tend to store seasonal items in their garage—sometimes to a point where there is no room for a car. Clutter detracts from a home’s value, and no area of your home is more susceptible to it than the garage. Here are a few relatively inexpensive solutions:

  • Take advantage of vertical space with wall-mounted shelves
  • Buy free-standing metal shelving units if you have concrete or cinder-block walls that are not conducive to mounting
  • A track system is perfect for hanging items that cannot be stored on a shelf
  • Use pegboards for smaller items
  • Install an overhead garage storage rack that is suspended from the ceiling
  • Get bulky items off the floor with hooks


Add vents and insulation

Ventilation is crucial in the garage, where carbon monoxide can hang around and eventually make its way into the living area. Install a carbon monoxide detector to detect potentially dangerous levels.

Just as it does in the home, insulation is effective for attached garages. Adding insulation to the garage will capture some of the home’s heating and cooling to protect your car and any stored items from extreme weather conditions. Another benefit of insulation is that it can soundproof the house from all those external noises.

While these garage upgrades might not add significantly to your property’s value, they will make a positive impression on potential buyers and home inspectors.


Provide sufficient lighting

Motion-activated lights are appropriate for outdoor security lighting. They help to prevent break-ins and can also reduce your energy bills significantly. Sufficient indoor lighting keeps your garage safe and makes it easier to find those items that are stored there.

Fluorescent bulbs work well for garage lighting because they can illuminate the entire length of it. Another option: LED bulbs that are cost-efficient and last longer. Most experts recommend installing two 48-inch shop lights for each vehicle space. Remember, a dark garage will not appeal to prospective buyers, and it is not safe, either.


Protect the floor

If your garage floors are cracked, stained, or chipped, one option is to hire a professional to apply an epoxy coating. Not only will your floor be visually appealing, but it will be protected against any cracks in the future. These high-tech coatings are easy to clean, maintenance-free, and available in various non-slip finishes.

Another option is to install garage floor tiles. They are resistant to spills, stains, and traffic while adding style to your garage. Tiles come in slip-proof textures and are also easy to clean.

You can opt to paint the floor yourself with an epoxy finish. It will seal the porous concrete so that oil leaks will not be absorbed and stain the floor. If you are planning to sell your house, this would be the least expensive way to improve your garage floor’s look.


Update your homeowners insurance when you upgrade your garage

Since a finished garage will increase your home’s value, be sure to update your homeowners insurance coverage to reflect the new value. The insurance professionals at White Cloud Insurance can advise you. They can provide you with a competitive home insurance quote and answer all of your questions at 305-556-1488. Or, if you prefer, fill out our home insurance contact form or send us a message at