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How to Ensure You Have the Proper Hurricane Coverage

By August 20, 2021September 29th, 2021Home

Each year, hurricanes bring about considerable damage. High winds can cause significant damage and heavy rains produce flooding. The 2020 hurricane season was extremely active, running through the predetermined list of twenty-one names by September 18 and compelling forecasters to use nine names from the Greek alphabet.

Although the Atlantic hurricane season officially ends on November 30, there are no guarantees that other storms will not form after that date. It is important that you understand what your homeowners policy will cover and what you will have to add to ensure that you have proper hurricane coverage. Read on to find out how to determine that you have the proper hurricane coverage.


What does hurricane coverage include?

Since there is no stand-alone hurricane insurance coverage, you will need to utilize a combination of coverages to protect your property against the havoc that hurricanes can wreak. Depending on the mixture of coverages you decide to buy, you could have protection against damages from flooding, winds, and storm surge.

These are the separate policies that could comprise hurricane coverage:

  • Homeowner insurance: Standard homeowners insurance will cover your home’s structure from hurricane or wind, as well as lightning, but there could be some exclusions.
  • Flood insurance: Homeowners insurance does not cover flooding, storm surge and wind-driven water. Because flooding is a primary risk in a hurricane, flood insurance is a coverage that is always recommended.


Is there a separate hurricane deductible?

Hurricane coverage on Florida policies are triggered on a calendar year basis. The standard hurricane deductible is 2% of the dwelling coverage amount, but there can also be options of 3%, 5% and 10%.


Shop for hurricane coverage with an experienced insurer

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