White Cloud Insurance Team

At White Cloud, we pride ourselves on our staff.

Our daily operation is based on a system that integrates our capacity to deliver customer satisfaction.

Our departmental internal structure allows us to assist our clients in a more effective and efficient manner while enhancing our relationship with the insurance carriers, and finance companies.

In general, our team is organized as follows:


Management is the department responsible for the successful coordination and assignation of roles and tasks to other departments. Also, for planning, organizing, leading and controlling every action in the organization, to make sure that the company can reach its goals and objectives in a timely manner.

Customer Service Department

The Customer Service Department is the one responsible for assisting the client during the policy term. Any change, modification/endorsement requests received while the policy is in-force, will be handled by a customer service specialist(s). This is the contact that clients will have with the agency and the transition between the inception to the renewal. The main focus of this department is Clients’ Satisfaction.

Sales/New Business

Sales/New Business department is composed by the producing agents in charge of capturing, processing and binding the new business for the agency. This department will be the first contact and experience that clients (“public”) and other “Stakeholder” (including but not limited to: realtors, mortgage broker, loan originators, bank representative, other sources of referrals) will have with the agency. Their scope of operations includes among other functions, prospecting and providing quotes to the above-mentioned parties as they are being requested; they might also be involved in data entry as they create client’s profiles. The main focus of this department is Production.

Renewal Department

The Renewal Department is the responsible party of making the client stay for at least one additional policy term and optimally until there is no need on the client for that specific line of insurance. The renewal specialist is responsible for data verification and optimization, as they are supposed to ask for, and process all the changes that happened during the policy term that neither were processed nor reported to the agency or the company during the policy term. Finding alternative coverage options, and making sure that the best quotes in the market are made available to the client falls within the scope of this department. The main focus of this department is Retention.

Franchising Department

The Franchising Department is the one in charge of assisting the potential Franchisees in setting up and running White Cloud Insurance Franchise Agencies effectively and efficiently. Making sure that all Franchisees are properly trained, and have the Support from the Franchisor is the main focus of this department. They will assist the clients during all the steps and thereafter to make sure that each new Franchisee added abides by the terms and conditions of the Franchise contract. This includes but is not limited to Accounting, Marketing and Advertising Support, Training, Management, etc.

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