Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Being involved in the community and leaving our mark in the people is a critical point for us. The main initiative that we have been implementing include: Assisting in seminars and classes for introduction to personal finances, financial management and classes for first time home buyers. These classes deal with the topic of banking and finances and cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from credit management, to Mortgage broker selection and of course, introduction to insurance, which is the part that we cover.

The companies that we have been working with include:

  • Hispanic Center for Financial Excellence (CASAS project): A Division of Money Management International: Seminar and presentation of our products and services for first time home-buyers.
  • Centro Campesino. Farmworker Center, Inc: Introduction to insurance. A class for to explain the role of insurance in society and economy.

In general terms is about educating the clients while prospecting and standing out as a reference for our ethical business practices.

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